Professional Certificate in Music: List of Modules

List of Modules

Major Study

This module helps students to develop their skills as performers in their major instrument. Lessons will be conducted in a weekly basis with College Faculty members so that the student can work towards a 15-20 minute performance Jury at the end of the course. All lessons and studio classes are compulsory for students to attend.

Applied Pedagogy Studies

This module is designed to help students gain a real-life experience in teaching individual music lessons to students of varying age groups and performance levels. The module consists of introduction to and analysis of well-known pedagogical methods, research on history and evolution of instrumental pedagogy, observation and analysis of instrumental lessons taught by professional teachers and creating agendas for individual and group music lessons.

Examination Pedagogy

This unique module prepares students specifically for teaching students who are preparing for ABRSM or Trinity Practical grade exams. The module explores the syllabus breakdown of graded exams as well as Diploma exams, covering teaching methods for all components of the exams including scales, arpeggios, selected pieces, sight reading and sight signing, aural training, and viva voce.

Introduction to Early Childhood Education

This is an introductory pedagogy course designed to prepare students to become effective teachers especially for young children. The module introduces various activities and pedagogical methods catering to children below reading and writing age, exploring ways to introduce basic musical concepts such as note names, beats, concepts of meter and music expression through body movement.

Curriculum Development for Instrumental Music Instruction

This course is a highly applicable course to better help prospective teachers to plan an effective teaching agenda for lessons in individual as well as group setting. Students will conduct workshops and roleplays to better understand effective lesson planning and practice fluent execution of agenda set.

Course Completion Jury

Graduate candidate will play one set of scales and arpeggios on their respective instrument as chosen by the jurors, and perform a program of choice of 15-20 minutes in length.