Our collaborative partnerships with other well known institutions provide Conservatory students an exceptional and unique experience.

Internal Collaborations

Students have a chance to collaborate with and experience various career engagements with Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school and sister company of Aureus Conservatory.

Aureus Group: Introduction to the Aureus Family

Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. is Singapore’s leading brand for music education. Founded in 2013 by Lawrence and Julius Holmefjord-Sarabi, the Group has firmly established itself in a very short period of time in the Singapore and Southeast Asian music scene.

Aureus Academy

Established in September 2013, Aureus Academy is Singapore’s fastest growing of music school with over 5,000 students, 10 locations and 200 full-time employees. Aureus Academy has rapidly established itself as the industry leader for music lessons in Singapore. With an annualised growth rate of nearly 200% since inception, Aureus Academy has transformed a traditional brick-and-mortar service into a cutting edge business that has been featured in Forbes, Business Times, Straits Times and Channel News Asia.

Collaborations between Aureus Conservatory and Aureus Academy

Students from Aureus Conservatory will have a first-hand experience from our highly-qualified and experienced teachers from Aureus Academy in teaching one-to-one lessons, conducting music camps and other musical group activities, and creating a unique lesson plan for future students by observing how successful practicing music teachers plan and conduct their lessons. Students are welcome to connect with current music teachers as mentors who can help them to prepare for real-life careers after graduation.

External Collaborations

Multiple engagements and exchange programs will also be available with institutions from various countries including neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and institutions in the USA and UK. This is a perfect opportunity for students to engage with musicians from all around the world both in Singapore and in other countries.